Turning Around Turnaround Schools 2nd Edition - Book Cover Project
The authors of Turning Around Turnaround Schools approached me about creating a cover for the second edition version of their book.  They were looking for a simple design, that conveyed a "converging of teacher and student thinking" that represented what their school turnaround services really help to create.   I had created the cover for the first edition of the book, and although they were very happy with it, they were leaning away from going with another photograph.  

The challenge given to me in this project was to create a cover that kept some styles from the first edition cover that I created, and to add a visual that would serve as the first of what they saw as a series of future book covers. Feel free to check it out and pick up a copy on amazon.

The next book in the series is slated for late 2019, and is tentatively titled, "Embracing the Rhythm of the Learner Year."
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